mercoledì 11 gennaio 2012

[EN] Pepper cream Bucatini (pasta)

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 1 hour (for peppers) + 20 minutes (for boiling and cooking bucatini)
Total time: 100 minutes

Ingredients (3 people):
9,5 oz (270 g) di bucatini (or any pasta)
3 red and yellow peppers
5 tbsp (100 ml) cream
3/4 onion
3 tbsp oil

I wash the peppers.
I remove the stick and all the seeds.

Then I cut them into pieces.

 I chop the onion and I brown it in the oil.

I add the peppers, I cook them till they became softer (about 1 hour).
(if you prefer you can add first peppers and then onion, the taste will be less bitter.)

I blend them.

I add the cream, parsley and salt and I continue to mix till it becomes creamy.

In a pot, I bring to boil water. 
I add salt and the bucatini.
I strain them still firm.

In put the bucatini in a saucepan and I add the sauce.
I let the pasta season for a few minutes.

I sprink them with parsley.



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