mercoledì 14 marzo 2012

[EN] Rice soufflé recipe

Making time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 55 minutes (rice: 25'; oven: 30')
Total time: 1h 10'

Ingredients (6 people):
11.3 oz (320 g) rice
12 eggs
23 oz (660 g, n.3) mozzarella 
6 tbsp parmesan cheese

I bring to boil water, when it starts boiling I add salt and rice.
I cook it for 15 minutes, then I let it cool.
I preheat oven at 392 F (200 °C).

I separate yolks and egg whites, then I beat the last ones till stiff.

In an holder I pour the rice, then I add:
yolks, cheese, mozzarella 
(chopped into cubes) and I blend.

I add the white eggs.

I butter a baking pan, I pour the mixture and I put in the oven for 30 minutes.

That's all!

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