sabato 18 gennaio 2014

[EN] Fried rice balls (Arancini)

Time: 2 h 30 minutes

Ingredients (12 balls):
17.6 oz (500 g) short-grain rice
3 yolks
1 oz (30 g) butter
sachet saffron 
1/2 onion
3.5 oz (100 g) tomato paste
2.5 oz (70 g) peas
3.5 oz (100 g) mozzarella
4.2 oz (120 g) minced meat 
0.9 oz (25 g) butter
+ 2 egg whites, breadcrumbs,                                                                                                                      8.5 US cups (2 lt) peanut oil

I bring to boil 5 US cups (1,2 lt) of water, then I add salt and rice.
I let it cook for 15 minutes, blending every so often. At the end of cooking the water has been completely adsorbed by rice.

I add butter and I blend.

I whisk 3 yolks and I add the sachet of saffron.
I whisk and I pour it in the rice.

I blend the rice.

I pour the rice on a plate, I level it and I let it cool.

Meantime I prepare the filling. 
In a pot I sauté the onion in the butter and in a little bit of oil.

I add the minced meat and I let it cook for 5 minutes.

I pour the wine and I let it blend.

I add tomato paste, peas, salt, pepper and a little bit of water.
I cook for about 40 minutes.

When the rice and the filling are cool, I start preparing my rice balls.

I take a portion of rice, I squeeze it firmly and I make a depression in the centre where I put a teaspoon of sauce and 2-3 cubes of mozzarella.
I close with a layer of rice and I make a ball or a pear.

I beat the albumens untill stiff.

I roll the balls in the albumens.

Then, I roll the balls in the bread crumbs.

I fried the balls in hot oil in a deep pan
(about 2-3 minutes).

Buon Appetito! 

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